Dollve Electric Facial Pore Cleaner

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  • COMPLETELY SAFE – Unlike other pore vacuum machines on sale, our blackhead vacuum is manufactured using high-quality ABS material and soft edge probes which will NEVER BRUISE OR HURT your sensitive skin.
  • 4 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PROBES – Includes 1 x big round probe to remove blackhead, 1 x small round probe for soothing sensitive skin, 1 x oval probe to reduce wrinkles and 1 x big round thick probe to exfoliate dead skin and calluses.
  • 4 ADJUSTABLE STRENGTH LEVEL DISPLAY – Comes with 4 adjustable suction pressure intensity levels of green, blue-violet, red and yellow to easily clean large oil pores, completely remove blackheads and reduce wrinkles.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, RECHARGEABLE AND PORTABLE – This blackhead remover is extremely lightweight and portable enabling you to easily take it with you to spas, beauty palors or for use at home. Built-in USB rechargeable lithium battery lasts over an hour on a full charge.
  • 【Why Choose Us】Our blackhead remover with 24 hours professional service center, 30 days full refund, 24 months warranty and 365 days technical support. Welcome to contact us anytime if you get any problems with the blackhead pore remover tool. Note: Please use it on your hands to know the suitable suction before using on your face.


DOLLVE PREMIUM QUALITY BLACK HEAD REMOVER TOOL with strong suction WILL effectively remove blackheads and acne, reduce wrinkles, exfoliate dead skin, tighten up loose skin and keep you looking radiant!

Effectively removes blackheads, cleans pores and reduces wrinkles.

Easily adjust the blackhead removal machine to suit your skin, thereby eliminating the risk of injuries.

Manufactured to meet health and safety standards. Comes with soft probes to eliminate the risk of bruises and marks on the skin.

Includes 1 x big round probe to remove blackhead, 1 x small round probe for soothing sensitive skin, 1 x oval probe to reduce wrinkles and 1 x big round thick probe to exfoliate dead skin and calluses.

DON’T SETTLE FOR THE KNOCKOFF blackhead remover tool kit sold by some unethical sellers. All our electric blackhead remover machines are backed by a NO QUESTIONS ASKED warranty.

NOTE:Do not stay fixed on one position for more than 3 seconds. DO NOT start with a high intensity, instead, start with a lower intensity and gradually increase the pressure.


188 reviews for Dollve Electric Facial Pore Cleaner

  1. Lauren Skinner

    I already love this! It really does work and my face feels so much cleaner, such a good price too! I am so glad I got this

  2. Miss Melinda

    Product works very well. will recommend

  3. Brianna Gilreath

    A very easy product to use and is definitely helpful

  4. ashley peaslee

    I really like this item. I’ve been looking for one for a long time but never found one at a price i was willing to pay. Then i found this one. So far i’ve only used it twice but both times its gotten a nice amount of gunk out of my skin and i’m hopeful that after repeated use my skin will be clearer than before getting this device.

  5. Nikki Carroll

    This product is amazing and works really good.

  6. Angela Smith

    Very nice 👍 works great. Makes me happy to clean my face.

  7. Jaclyn Pasqualone

    great product, the instructions could have more detail on how to put on the new filters

  8. Ethan Medders

    Find that it is not as effective/capable as I had imagined it being

  9. Keirolyne Guerra

    Definitely a product that I will recommend and re order, works properly and nice!

  10. Samuel McNeill

    I haven’t used it yet. Would be nice if it came fully charged.

  11. Gloria Bassler

    So far so good it’s only been night since I’ve tried it.

  12. Vianey neria

    So far i love the product, i just got it but i already can see how some of my stubborn black heads are gone. I would definitely recommend it!!!!!

  13. Alex Matthews

    Works great, had wonderful suction. It’s a little scary at first cause I was afraid it would suck too hard and leave marks or bruises but so far I haven’t had that issue! I really like it and it works just as good as you’d expect the high end expensive ones too. The only thing is the black heads are hard to get without steaming or exfoliating your face first

  14. Hannah S

    This product works really well! I like that you can see all of the gunk it pulls out of your skin.

  15. Melissa Kerr

    I got it today, used it and am very happy! It works great!

  16. Tanisha Samuels

    I haven’t used this product yet.

  17. Arissa Flores

    I love this so much! It works really well for me and I would totally recommend to my family and friends!! I didn’t know if I’d like this, but it proved me wrong!!

  18. Kesha Resto

    I absolutely love it ! Best when used when you get out of the shower .

  19. Arlethia Hayes

    First time using a blackhead remover and I’m happy I chose this one. Great product gets the job done.

  20. Jesus Rojo Jr

    Very nice, lightweight and looks pretty

  21. Amanda Mead

    I highly recommend this product to use. It has helped my skin

  22. Jemica White

    At first I didn’t think it would work. But it did wonders. I really enjoy this product.

  23. Yaritsa vasquez

    I recently received my product & i tried it on my face, my grandma, and aunts face. they all loved it and asked where to get it and i gladly helped them find it. I love this product already!

  24. Analisa Ibanez

    Easy to function. Love that it’s rechargeable and instructions are clear and simple.

  25. Ceira

    Excited to try, had really good price and was shipped really fast

  26. Lettie Garcia

    This product is great! I like th simple design, as it is easy to maneuver. The different types of suction is perfect for any time of skin tone. I’m very happy with this product, and glad I chose this one!

  27. Lorie Wood

    It’s been working so far. Love it!

  28. Melanie Juarez

    The product is working good , it cleared up my skin so much and I have less oily skin . Not really any black heads it made a big difference thank you so much !

  29. Kiani Pandoliano

    I really like the affordability of the product. Others out there on the market are insanely expensive, on a college student budget. It works just as I want it to!

  30. Amanda Ford

    Great product only used a couple times so far but already see a difference

  31. Gilda Melendez

    Muy buen producto, cumple con su función.

  32. D

    Awesome! This is the best product ever! Thank you so much

  33. Samantha Janazzo

    Already recommended this product after one use!!

  34. Shea Caldcleugh

    It is a really good thing, before buying i read the reviews and it’s wonderful.

  35. Caroline H

    This product is fantastic! It is a painful way to remove blackheads and with the multiple suction options, every blackhead is removed.

    Great product!

  36. Kaila Beard

    I love the product and the functions of it

  37. Heather Martin

    I just used it and it got all the blackheads off my nose and I have never been able to do that!

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