Facial Cleaner

– Safe | Beautiful | Comfortable –


Facial Cleaner

– Safe | Beautiful | Comfortable –

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To relead the Facial Cleaner market, we’ve tried a new way to rebuild it perfectly and hope it hits around the world.

Dollve Blackhead Remover

  • Hot compress using constant temperature 45 ℃ to help open the pores, the acceleration eliminate skin dirt. With micron magnetic to assist the better absorption of skin care essence.

  • Vacuum physical suction design(vacuum absorption technique) from level1 to level 3 suction power, the max suction strength is up to 60kpa.

  • The pore vacuum comes with 4 replaceable probes, providing you with customizable skincare for various skin conditions

  • The blackhead vacuum has no worry about replacing batteries ,it has a built-in USB rechargeable battery.Ergonomic, compact and portable design blackhead extractor for your home or travel use.


Our Customers Say

“I was pretty skeptical that this was going to work, but thought I’d give a try anyway and wow- it really, really works!!!!! After just a couple of minutes I was all done using it and was totally shocked to see the little cover of the machine full of dirt from my pores. I love it and definitely am going to keep using it! Highly recommend.”


“After having this for a couple weeks and trying it out a few times, I can say that I’ve been surprised by how well it works. Easy to use and you definitely feel and see where it’s been used. The suction is very noticeable and leaves marks on your face for a little while. You can see the blackheads, whiteheads, dirt come out of your skin into the suction cup.”

Robert Alley

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We supply premium qualified high-end Facial Pore Cleaner with affordable prices.

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