Dollve Electric Facial Pore Cleaner

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  • COMPLETELY SAFE – Unlike other pore vacuum machines on sale, our blackhead vacuum is manufactured using high-quality ABS material and soft edge probes which will NEVER BRUISE OR HURT your sensitive skin.
  • 4 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PROBES – Includes 1 x big round probe to remove blackhead, 1 x small round probe for soothing sensitive skin, 1 x oval probe to reduce wrinkles and 1 x big round thick probe to exfoliate dead skin and calluses.
  • 4 ADJUSTABLE STRENGTH LEVEL DISPLAY – Comes with 4 adjustable suction pressure intensity levels of green, blue-violet, red and yellow to easily clean large oil pores, completely remove blackheads and reduce wrinkles.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, RECHARGEABLE AND PORTABLE – This blackhead remover is extremely lightweight and portable enabling you to easily take it with you to spas, beauty palors or for use at home. Built-in USB rechargeable lithium battery lasts over an hour on a full charge.
  • 【Why Choose Us】Our blackhead remover with 24 hours professional service center, 30 days full refund, 24 months warranty and 365 days technical support. Welcome to contact us anytime if you get any problems with the blackhead pore remover tool. Note: Please use it on your hands to know the suitable suction before using on your face.


DOLLVE PREMIUM QUALITY BLACK HEAD REMOVER TOOL with strong suction WILL effectively remove blackheads and acne, reduce wrinkles, exfoliate dead skin, tighten up loose skin and keep you looking radiant!

Effectively removes blackheads, cleans pores and reduces wrinkles.

Easily adjust the blackhead removal machine to suit your skin, thereby eliminating the risk of injuries.

Manufactured to meet health and safety standards. Comes with soft probes to eliminate the risk of bruises and marks on the skin.

Includes 1 x big round probe to remove blackhead, 1 x small round probe for soothing sensitive skin, 1 x oval probe to reduce wrinkles and 1 x big round thick probe to exfoliate dead skin and calluses.

DON’T SETTLE FOR THE KNOCKOFF blackhead remover tool kit sold by some unethical sellers. All our electric blackhead remover machines are backed by a NO QUESTIONS ASKED warranty.

NOTE:Do not stay fixed on one position for more than 3 seconds. DO NOT start with a high intensity, instead, start with a lower intensity and gradually increase the pressure.


188 reviews for Dollve Electric Facial Pore Cleaner

  1. Joa Modert

    It hurts more than I thought but its get rid of the blackheads

  2. Jennifer Flener

    With the device it’s suppose to have 4 different heads, mine only has 3 because 2 heads are exactly the same. I didn’t get the smallest one. Also the battery doesn’t last long enough at all, I go over my face once and it dies and this is fully charged.

  3. Victoria Giustiniani

    Great product cleared my face from gross blackheads that have been very much difficult to get rid of.

  4. Taelor

    I have used this once and it was amazing my skin feels so soft!

  5. Ebony Morgan

    Compact and really works… great product with great reviews and it actually does what it says

  6. Janae Isaacs

    It’s awesome! It removed my blackheads so easily! I cant believe the price compared to the other machines, and works just as well!!

  7. Callie Bubb

    I received the product in the mail the day after I ordered online! Can’t wait to try it out!

  8. Rai

    Great quality so far for the price that we have paid. We love it. Great choice for the many options out there

  9. Jennifer Engle

    I’ve tried using it and really am not seeing results. I wish it provided a little better instructions on which setting. I’m afraid to give myself a bunch of suction marks on my face and cause bruising.

  10. Chelsea Hubbard

    I just started using this but noticed a difference in my skin after the first use. My boyfriend uses it also now.

  11. Melissa Gonzalez

    I haven’t used it yet but I read great reviews

  12. Sophia Allen

    It helped get rid of my blackheads and I was happy with the results

  13. Jazmin Hobbs

    Definitely like the product, will continuously use.

  14. Scott Petty

    It does exactly what it is advertized to do. Very happy wit it.

  15. Abbigail Woodhouse

    it works super well and it’s very easy to use

  16. Elizabeth Martin

    I love how well it pulled my blackheads from my nose

  17. Tiffany Lay

    Looks great can’t wait to try it

  18. Jolie Macon

    I love the product. It left me with soft skin and was very easy to use.

  19. Maria Jimenez

    i loved it, works so good & cleared up alot of my blackheads thank you!!!

  20. Bianca Curutan

    I’m still relatively new to using the product but it seems to be working well so far. I’m starting with the lowest setting to no ruin my skin, but even the lowest setting was getting gunk out.

  21. Elena Ramos

    Works amazing and I am so excited to have something that actually removes my black heads.

  22. Brianna Sifuentes

    Works nice. Has a nice design also

  23. Vince Tafolla

    Excellent product see improvement in my skin after only 5 uses. Great price great product!

  24. Morgan Jones

    Your product is cool. Gets out black heads really fast and painless.

  25. Javier beitia

    I love the product it really has helped me

  26. Corissa Godbolt

    Works great on stubborn areas of skin and to clean pores!

  27. Lilia Moses

    I’m excited to use it. First time user!

  28. Sierra Snodgrass

    None……………………………………………….havent used yet

  29. Karene

    Great product! My teenager also uses this and it helps so much!

  30. Ephraim Krall

    It helps with my husbands blackheads even getting the tough ones around the nose

  31. Andrea Nankivell

    Did not remove black heads, bruised the corner part of my nose close to my eye.

  32. Stephanie Wilson

    It is not removing my black heads as promised!

  33. Maciej Skrzypczak

    It’s alright needs improved suction

  34. Nikki Davis

    Great packaging. Good product would buy again if I had to. My family will enjoy

  35. Kristine Ullis

    Just love it! It works magic. My pores are so clean now.

  36. Paula Galvan

    Really great product. Love it very much.

  37. Ariana Munoz

    I love the whole idea of getting rid of my blackheads effortlessly.

  38. Brittany

    I like the simple packaging. The only reason for 4 stars is the lack of instructions demonstrating which head is best used for each purpose.

  39. Cass Newby

    Haven’t tried it yet but it’ll b good

  40. Afra Fatima

    It is really good and friendly to use

  41. Alona Smith

    The product really cleared out my pores and blackheads. I was having trouble getting certain areas around my eyes because the suction was a bit strong but overall pretty good. It did leave a small bruise under my nose but I’m pretty sure it will go away soon.

  42. Cheri andrulot

    Love it! Such an awesome product! 🙂

  43. Melanie M Jarero

    Awesome! Family loves it! Recommending it to friends!

  44. Koby Gillam

    I enjoy using this product I see such a difference in my pores, especially on my nose. I have oily skin and my nose tends to be my most problematic area. It take all of the oil and grease right out with no problem. I used to have to use my fingers but then it would leave red marks on my nose, this product has helped with that.

  45. Medora Catherine Stevens

    Love that it has different settings, and really works!

  46. Hannah Simpson

    I love this product it works so well for my skin.

  47. Stephanie Duran

    I liked it because it was simple to use and simple to handle if you arent good with technology this is simple enough to understand

  48. Kristen Dawson

    I use it every night. But I’ve never seen any residue in the top. I like the settings.

  49. Arielle Marasligiller

    This was so fun to use. It worked great on my and even better on my husband!

  50. Joseph Donzella

    I find this product very useful and it helps me out , I highly recommend it.

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